Moving the
Offshore Industry
Towards a
Sustainable Future

Through a Digital and Transparent Marketplace

What is DECK1

A digital service platform, connecting stakeholders for increased asset utilisation, ultimately reducing carbon emissions of the offshore industry.

What does DECK1 do

We digitise a fragmented offshore transportation sector, bringing together search, booking, and reporting for the mutual benefit of stakeholders in the industry.

What is our mission

To be the intelligent management platform bridging demand and supply for the offshore transportation, allowing businesses and the environment to thrive.

" Our vision at DECK1 is to improve efficiency and transparency
within offshore transportation, reducing time, expenses and carbon emissions. "
- Jim Hededal, Founder & CEO -

Who benefits from DECK1

DECK1 is for providers

By on-boarding assets to the DECK1 network, we develop a digital twin, allowing all the steps from search, RFQ, booking, and documentation to be digitally recorded. DECK1 standardises DPRs for easy mission documentation.

DECK1 is for brokers

Utilise standardised booking and reporting, enabling easy up and downstream communication and mission documentation. Harness new revenue streams within short-term charters, by tapping into an existing network of pre-qualified assets.

DECK1 is for charterers

Overview of assets, booking, documentation trail and direct provider communication; supporting fast responses to incidents, decreasing downtime and increasing production revenue.

DECK1 suite at a glance

  • Logo
  • DECK1 an independent B2B platform offering next-generation digital services within trade, operations and analytics .

  • 7 seas
  • Search, compare and connect easily with asset and service providers. 7-Seas lets you manage contracts, quotes and bookings on an all-in-one platform.

  • Plan and manage operations daily. Stay compliant and up-to-date on operations with an innovative notification service, and asset monitoring tools.

  • Blue ocean
  • Improve your competitive edge by making data-driven, strategic, commercial, and operational decisions, using our integrated analytical and data-learning services.

  • Bedrock