End-to-End B2B Platform
Connecting the Offshore Market

The DECK1 suite is an independent comprehensive digital platform for the offshore logistics industry, offering standardised search, booking, documentation, and analytics.

Platform for connecting the offshore industry

DECK1 suite

Made for providers, brokers and charterers

The DECK1 cloud-based SaaS and DaaS suite has three pillars of services, built around a digital ecosystem of service providers, brokers, and charterers. DECK1 delivers a digital twin of service assets, representing the supply side of the network. Brokers and charterers get easy access into the pool of service assets, which will be easily matched to the needs of the operator's job at hand.

- Value for everyone -

DECK1 is digitising offshore transportations into one open market that is transparent, simple, and reliable for offshore industries, providers, brokers, and charterers.


Search, compare, and connect easily with logistics, equipment, safety providers, brokers, or charterers. Our platform lets you manage quotes, bookings, and contracts all in one place.


Plan and manage operations daily with the operations service features. Stay compliant and up-to-date on operations with our innovative notification service and asset monitoring tools, such as vessel movements.


Improve your competitive edge by making data-driven, strategic, commercial, and operational decisions, using our integrated analytical and data-learning services.

  • Categorized search functions

    Easy filtering of services, based on needs such as crew transfer, material logistics and emergency services.

  • Digital twin

    Matching through Digital Twins, ensure suitable asset to assignment matching.

  • Showcase assets

    Increase asset utilisation through standardised booking management.

  • Standardised RFQ process

    Safe and fast asset mobilisation, instant availability overview, and digital paper trail on entire booking flow.

  • Standardised DPR

    Normalised mission documentation, based on IoT integrations for single point of truth.

  • Operations Compliant

    Ensure state of the art DPR compliance for improved performance and traceability.

Optimizing resources

The offshore renewable energy industry is expected to grow 10-fold by 2035. Following the Paris agreement, by 2050 the goal is 300GW annual production, which is 25 times more than current outputs. To meet the increase in demand for assets and services, current operations need to become more effective through sharing of resources.

Offshore logistics 2.0

Try the beta platform

To ensure that the services offered by our platform best align with the needs of our customers, we run beta-testing in the early stages of development. Testing the platform in real-world scenarios allows us to discover needs and pain points, which can be successfully addressed for a smoother user experience..