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Jim H. Nielsen

Jim H. Nielsen

Founder and CEO

Over two decades of experience in aviation, overseeing complex operations and working with critical dependencies.

Jens H. Hosbond

Jens H. Hosbond


Experienced civil engineer, challenging the status quo in the interplay between people and technology.

The values we stand by

  • Responsibility towards the environment

    It is at the core of our business and culture, ensuring we steer towards a positive change. As entrepreneurs and parents, we feel an obligation for doing things responsibly both short and long term.

  • Collaboration for finding solutions

    We believe that resilient solutions are built by diverse teams. In our approach, we are pragmatic with enough fire to keep things moving forward. We cherish partnerships to find tomorrow’s solutions.

  • Transparency builds trust

    At DECK1 we strive to establish our company culture around accountability, flat hierarchy, and open conversations both internally and externally. We are committed to walking the talk.

Offshore windmills


To increase transparency, efficiency, and safety to the offshore transport sector through a digitally connected ecosystem, driving reduced carbon emissions for a sustainable future.

Mission offshore helicopter


To be the intelligent trade platform mapping supply and demand for servicing the offshore industry. DECK1’s services allow for fast and secure decisions for businesses and for the environment to thrive.


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One minute output from a 7MW wind turbine produces enough electricity to drive an electrical car 240 times across the Golden Gate bridge.
- Jens Henrik Hosbond, CTO